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Traveling around London with Kids

London is undoubtedly the right choice for tourists, who like to travel with kids. Moreover, a great deal of families from all over the world dream of visiting this wonderful city and see its attractions. For children, who study English, such a travel will be a splendid opportunity to improve their language skills. In this online travel guide we decided to tell readers about the best places to visit in London with children.

London bus tours

Begin your trip with traveling around London by bus. As a rule, both parents and kids find it interesting to travel around London in such a way. Sightseeing tours allow kids to see the beauty of London and its attractions. That's why, we would recommend bus tours for people, who are going to visit London with children.


Kingdom and everything that is connected with it is very important for London people. It will be definitely interesting for children, who are traveling in London. During an excursion you will be told interesting stories about the life of kings. Don't forget to visit the Tower of London that is surrounded by old buildings, which have their own history. Buckingham Palace is one of the most popular London attractions that is recommended to visit with kids.

Royal Parks in London

London is very popular among travelers due to its numerous parks. There are a lot of parks in London, where local people and tourists prefer to spend their time. Talking about popular London parks special attention of travelers should be paid to Kensington Gardens, Regent's Park and Hyde Parks. There are also many other parks in London. Thus, the list of popular London parks can be continued more and more. London parks are the right place to come with children.

Covent Garden

This London attraction is a very popular among travelers. Some families even prefer to visit Covent Garden several times during their London travel. Kids usually like to watch street artists. There are also many cafes, bars and restaurants near Covent Garden, where tourists can have a dinner and rest after a long and enjoyable travel.

London Museums

London museums are considered to be the best way to spend time traveling in the city during a rainy day. There are many museums in London. This means that any traveler will be able to find a museum that he/she will find it interesting to visit. Travelers are recommended to get familiar with London museums over the Internet in advance. Thus, they will be able to select the museums, which they would like to visit first of all. London museums are also recommended to people, who travel in London with kids. Imperial War Museum Collections, The Science Museum, Natural History Museum, the British Museum and Museum of London are the most popular museums among travelers of the city.