пятница, 13 декабря 2013 г.

Apartments for a Short Stay in London

Would you like to spend only a few days in London? Are you traveling on a budget? Then you will definitely need to find hotels offering short stay apartments in London which are comfortable and affordable at the same time. Understanding the needs of London travelers we have decided to share the list of the cheapest apartments for a short stay. These apartments have a good reputation among tourists due to their convenient location, comfortable rooms and customer service.


These short term apartments are especially suitable for travelers, who search for a good and cheap place for stay in London with convenient location, all necessary facilities, high ratings and excellent reviews. Westferry apartments will be definitely the best choice for such London tourists. Apartments are surrounded by the river Thames and provide guests with picturesque views at Island Gardens. Westferry apartments are considered to be one of the cheapest places for a short stay in London.


Birchington apartments are another affordable place to stay for people traveling around London on a budget. Convenient location of Birchington apartments provides guests of the city with easy access to all major attractions of the central London. Regent's Park, Paddington Station and London Zoo are situated nearby. Rooms are offered at cheap rates. Also, Birchington apartments provide guests with all the necessary facilities required for a comfortable short stay in London.

Vernon Rise

These apartments can be considered as the golden middle between such conceptions as comfort, customer service and price. Many London travelers find Vernon Rise as a very convenient and comfortable place for stay in London. A great deal of positive reviews left by London tourists on these apartments can confirm this fact completely. Vernon Rise apartments are conveniently situated in the city and provide their guests with all the necessary facilities. This place is suitable for travelers, who come to London with business and leisure purposes.

Avni Deluxe I

Avni Deluxe I offers people more expensive apartments to stay in London. However, the difference in price can be explained logically. Apartments are conveniently situated in South Kensington area and provide guests with easy access to any part of London and all major apartments of the city. Hyde Park, Kensington Roof Gardens, London’s Albertopolis, Science Museum and the Royal Albert Hall are situated near Avni Deluxe I apartments. Also, it should be noted that a great deal of good restaurants are available in the areas surrounding Avni Deluxe I apartments. No matter for which purposes you have come to London. Just be sure that Avni Deluxe I offers the best conditions for a short stay in London.