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Royal Parks of London

London has a lot of parks and gardens. Today London parks provide their visitors with a wonderful opportunity to forget about everyday problems, relax and enjoy the magnificent views. The Royal Parks are an integral part of London history and culture. London parks are really amazing. It’s hard to imagine that this city has so much open space. However, it’s true. The Royal Parks are the lands that were originally owned by the monarchy of Great Britain. Some of the Royal Parks have become public parks that you can visit anytime.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the most popular London park. This park has a very comfortable location. You can easily get to the main shopping centres from Hyde Park. This park is situated in Central London. It is well-known for its Speaker’s Corner. A Speaker’s Corner is the area in London where debate, discussion and public speaking are allowed. Hyde Park is divided into two parts by the Serpentine River. There are many things that you should see in Hyde Park – Diana, Princess of Wales memorial, London’s Holocaust Memorial. There is also the memorial that commemorates the victims of 7/7 terrorist attacks. Hyde Park can boast of its diverse vegetation. Here you can find the Weeping Beech that is supposed to be the most incredible weeping tree.

Green Park

Green Park is another London park that most tourists prefer to visit. This park has an interesting location. It is situated between St. James’s Park and Hyde Park. In fact, Green Park has no buildings and lakes that could attract the attention of visitors. However, the Constance Fund Fountain and the Canada Memorial will make a deep impression on you. The incredibly fascinating views of the park will never leave you indifferent. Visit Green Park and you will see that it’s really true.

St. James’s Park

St. James’s Park is located in the City of Westminster. It is considered to be the oldest Royal Park in London. This park is situated in the area named after a leper hospital that was dedicated to St. James the Less. Hundreds of people visit this park on weekends. No wonder why it happens like that. There are many things that you should see. By the way, this park is adjacent to Green Park. So, you can visit both if you have enough time for that.

Regent’s Park

If you take a tube to Portland Street or Baker Street, you will get to Regent’s Park within a short period of time. This Royal Park is situated in Central London. Regent’s Park houses the London Zoo and Regent’s College. There are plenty of things that you can do in this park. Regent’s Park also contains a small restaurant. But you will probably get more pleasure if you take a picnic basket with you and sit on the grass.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is the largest Royal Park in London. It is really huge. Richmond Park is situated not far away from Richmond, Ham, Wimbledon, Roehampton, Kingston upon Thames and East Sheen. It is Richmond Park that you should visit if you want to look at red and fallow deer. This London park contains some famous buildings – Pembroke Lodge, the Royal Ballet School, Thatched House Lodge and many others. The wildlife of the Park will amaze you with its diversity. Squirrels, woodpeckers, stag beetles and rabbits live happily in Richmond Park.