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Best London Bars

London is famous not just for its historic and cultural heritage. If you’d like to have a drink, it won’t be a problem for you to find a great bar in London. This city houses a lot of bars – wine bars, traditional bars and even trendy hangouts. No matter what kind of drink you are looking for. The bars located in London will satisfy all your needs and bring you immense pleasure. London bars can be divided into several categories – cocktail bars, wine bars, cool bars and hotel bars. So, what do these bars offer to their visitors?

Cocktail Bars

If you are a true cocktail lover, you should visit 69 Colebrooke Row. It is a cocktail bar that will surprise you with the diversity of the cocktails prepared here. Impeccably attired staff and handwritten bills will make you plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of a real cocktail bar. Cottons is another amazing cocktail bar. This bar offers you a wide selection of traditional dishes including curry goat, papaya and mango salad and fish grill, etc. The cocktails will please you with their taste and aroma. We should also mention such famous cocktail bars in London as Experimental Cocktail Club, Booking Office, Loft, Lost Society, Mandarin Bar and many others.

Wine Bars

A lot of bars serve delicious wine in London. Sparkling, dry, red or white – you may order any wine you’d like at London bars. Bar Pepito is an extremely popular place not just among Londoners, but among tourists as well. This bar is dedicated to sherry. Bar Pepito has only four or five tables. The bar is small, but it’s really worth visiting. If you are a wine lover, visit Wonder Bar that serves more than 50 different wines. Cellar Gascon, Terroirs and Vinoteca are also included into the list of the best London bars.

Cool Bars

If you are looking for great live music and great cocktails, cool bars are exactly what you need. Baltic is a modern bar that is well-known for the cocktails served here. Moreover, Baltic offers its visitors a wide range of flavoured vodkas. They make their own mint, cherry, ginger and caramel varieties. Baltic is really a small piece of Poland. It is beyond doubt that Crazy Bear is a trendy bar. The cocktails here are magnificent. This bar is really great. However, you must make sure that you have enough money to be able to visit Crazy Bear. Prices are high, but they fully correspond to the level of service.

Hotel Bars

London hotels are not just great to stay at. They are also great to drink at. Blue Bar at The Berkeley provides high quality service and amazing cocktails. If your budget is not limited, feel free to visit Blue Bar. Artesian at Langham Hotel serves about 60 varieties of rum. If you are a true rum connoisseur, you should visit Artesian. Brumus Bar at Haymarket Hotel offers cocktails that you have never tried before. Thus, they make a Haymarket Cosmo (mint, limoncello and crushed ice are added to vodka and cranberry).