четверг, 12 декабря 2013 г.

Cafes for Kids in London

London is a unique city. Everyone can find something interesting here. English people eat diverse cuisines – Indian, Chinese, Asian, Caribbean, etc. However, London residents do not forget their traditional English cuisine. If you are interested in English cuisine, you should taste such delicious dishes as roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, fish & chips and shepherd’s pie. There are also a lot of vegetarian restaurants and cafes in London. In fact, almost all London restaurants offer 2 or 3 vegetarian dishes. In London, just like in any other English city, you can find tea and coffee bars that will please you with their friendly atmosphere. London houses a wide range of cafes for kids and their parents.

Rainforest Café

Rainforest Café is an ideal place for your kids. This is really one of the best London’s cafes for children. Kids can not only eat tasty foods here. They can play interesting and fascinating games as well. The warm atmosphere of Rainforest Café enchants everyone who visits it. A diverse menu of the café will really satisfy your taste buds. Caesar Salad is extremely popular among both kids and parents. Here you can order Lava Nachos, Leaping Lizard Mezze, Rainforest Classic Steak Burger, Rasta Pasta, Asian Style Salad and a lot of other delicious things. It’s obvious that after a substantial meal your kids will be thirsty. Rainforest Café serves teas, coffees, cocktails, smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and soft drinks. There are also wines that adults can enjoy.

Petersham Nurseries Café

It can be so boring to stay at home with your kids on weekend simply watching TV. If you and your kids are thirsty for new impressions, visit Petersham Nurseries Café. This place can fill your soul with positive emotions. You will never regret if you decide to visit it. This café is a perfect place to run away from daily routine. The menu of the café sounds delicious. Here you have an opportunity to order the following dishes - Pressed Chicken Liver Terrine with Egyptian Spices & Bruschetta, Double Lamb Chops with Persian Aubergine & Organic Chickpeas, New Season Kent Strawberry Granita & Arabesque Wafer and the other exotic dishes. Your kids will be immensely delighted!

Ceramics Café

Your children will undoubtedly like this place. Ceramics Café offers kids of all ages to paint original pottery and ceramics. This is fabulous, isn’t? If your kids are fond of painting, this is the place they should visit to show their creativity. There are so many things your kids can paint! Kids can take home all shapes they paint in the café. Ceramics Café is a great place for kids parties. Groups of any size can be placed here. Parents can even bring their food to the cafe. However, food must be packaged properly. Kids can choose any of the shapes that Ceramic Café provides and decorate it at home.

Candy Cakes

If your kid is going to have a birthday party soon and you want to get the best cake for that occasion, visit Candy Cakes. There is no better place to find a tasty cake! All cakes that this café provides have exceptional taste and flavor. Here you can find a cake that can make any birthday party special. Your kids will be really happy!