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Most Exciting London Theatres

So many things have been already written about London. This city survived ups and downs, fires and epidemics. It used to be the capital of the world’s most powerful empire. Many of London traditions are deeply rooted in the past. London plays a key role in political and cultural life of Great Britain. London is famous for its museums, art galleries and theaters. There are also a lot of old churches in the city. An outstanding English writer Samuel Johnson once said, “If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.” This place really has everything you can expect from life. If you decide to visit London, make sure that you get acquainted with the most exciting London theatres.

Royal Opera House

It is an opera house situated in Covent Garden. The first theatre in this place was built in 1732. After the fires in 1808 and 1856 it was completely destroyed. The modern theater building was constructed in 1858. In 1892 Richard Wagner’s opera Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) was performed on the stage of the Royal Opera House. Today this opera house is a home for Royal opera and ballet companies. A lot of celebrities have performed on this stage. It’s hard to believe that during World War I the British Government used this amazing building as a storehouse. In December 1999, the Royal Opera House was reopened after reconstruction. You have a wonderful opportunity to visit this opera house and enjoy the operas staged here.

London Coliseum

It is one of London’s best theatres. The building was constructed in 1904 by Frank Matcham. It was the first London theatre that had a revolving stage. Moreover, it was the first theatre in Europe where elevators were used. At that time the auditorium had the capacity to seat more than 2500 people. As a rule, all operas are performed in English here. The operas staged in the London Coliseum very often attract the attention of music critics. The tickets in the London Coliseum are not as expensive as in the Royal Opera House. Visit it and you will never regret!

Barbican Centre

It is a huge complex that consists of dwelling houses, offices, cinemas, theatre and concert halls, libraries, bookstores, restaurants and cafes. It is Europe’s largest performing arts centre. The Barbican Centre also houses the London Symphony Orchestra. This centre is located in the area that was bombed and significantly damaged during World War II. The Barbican Centre is a home for Royal Shakespeare Company that stages the plays of the great playwright, classic Greek tragedies and modern performances.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s playing company. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire in 1613. In June 1614, another Globe Theatre was built in the same place. However, it was closed in 1642. In 1997, a modern reconstruction of the theatre was opened. Today it’s well-known as Shakespeare’s Globe. This theatre is undoubtedly worth visiting.

London is an amazing city. It has so many interesting things to gladden your soul. You are going to fall in love with London as soon as you visit it for the first time.