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Discounted and Affordable London Hotels

London is an ancient city with a lot of fascinating places that are undoubtedly worth visiting. Besides, London is known to be one of the most expensive world capitals. However, this fact should never prevent you from visiting this unforgettable and most exciting travel destination. If you are planning your trip, you may wonder how to stay in London without spending too much money. This possibility seems unreal until you find out about affordable London hotels that have a lot of advantages to offer to its clients. Low price is not a synonym for low quality. This is the fact that you should take into consideration while choosing a hotel to stay in London. Affordable London hotels provide the atmosphere of comfort and coziness. These hotels are the best solution for travelers who have a strong desire to visit the most popular place in Europe despite their tough budget.

Sacred Heart Lodge is one of the discounted London hotels

Sacred Heart Lodge is a hotel located in East London. This is the best choice for tourists with a limited budget. Sacred Heart Lodge can be found in Hackney. The location of the hotel is really beneficial allowing you to get to Homerton Train Station within a short period of time and travel across the whole of London. Sacred Heart Lodge offers single, double, triple and even quad sized rooms. No matter whether you travel alone or with your friends, you will always be able to find the best room here. Moreover, every room is equipped with coffee and tea making facilities, TV, bathroom and central heating. If you want to cook meals by yourself, the self catering kitchen will be always at your disposal.

Sleeping Beauty Hotel is one of the discounted London hotels

Sleeping Beauty Hotel is situated in Leyton and considered one of the most affordable London hotels. Due to the location of this hotel you will have to spend only twenty minutes to get to Central London by tube. You will be immensely pleased with what Sleeping Beauty Hotel is ready to offer. Here you will find a bar, a lounge area and a breakfast room. By the way, this hotel provides its clients with free wireless internet access. You can choose a single or a double room with a telephone, hairdryer, satellite TV and a lot of other facilities. By the way, you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit a bunch of different restaurants situated in the vicinity of the hotel.

Leisure Inn London is one of the discounted London hotels

Leisure Inn London is situated in Central London what makes this hotel really worth staying at. A short walk from the hotel will take you to Kensington Gardens and magnificent Hyde Park. Leisure Inn London offers affordable single and double sized rooms. In fact, twin, triple and quad rooms are also at your disposal. Despite the fact that the rooms are not very large, they are clean and cozy. The rooms have all the facilities that you may need during your stay – satellite TV, telephone, hairdryer etc.

Skyways Hotel is one of the discounted London hotels

If you need a hotel situated not far away from Heathrow Airport, then Skyways Hotel is the right place for you. Moreover, you can also make use of Slough Train Station and get to Central London within forty minutes. This is a three star hotel; therefore you will be extremely pleased with the quality of the services you are going to get there. Every room provides a welcoming atmosphere and offers all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. In addition, the shopping centre situated in the vicinity of the hotel will never leave you indifferent.

Bluebells Hotel is one of the discounted London hotels

Are you looking for affordable London hotels? If so, then you should pay special attention to Bluebells Hotel located not far away from the West End. If you stay at this hotel, you will be able to walk to Portobello Road Market and buy a lot of various things there. Bluebells Hotels has 28 rooms that are comfortable and cozy. Also, you will find a telephone and a television in any room you choose. There are a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants located close to Bluebells Hotel.