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Top London Taxi Tours

Traveling around London provides tourists with the most exciting and fascinating experience. It is always interesting to discover the mysteries of this amazing city. A lot of tourists prefer to take taxi tours in order to see London famous landmarks. In fact, taxi tours have many advantages. All cab drivers are not only qualified drivers. They are professional guides. Thus, you will be able to get the answers to the questions that you may have about London history and culture. Taxi tours can be altered according to the route you choose. Moreover, such tours give you a splendid opportunity to stop wherever you want in order to take photos. So, what are the most popular taxi tours?

Harry Potter Tour

If you are a Harry Potter aficionado, this tour will undoubtedly bring you much pleasure. The tour will plunge you into the unforgettable atmosphere of Harry Potter’s magical world. You will see the places from the films and walk the footsteps of Harry. During the tour, you will be able to ask your guide questions about the film and get the proper answers to them. The tour holds surprises for you. Moreover, tourists can even buy genuine Harry Potter merchandise at the end of the taxi tour.

London Heritage Tour

This tour starts with a drive through Central London. You will visit Mansion House and see the famous Egyptian Ballroom, fine furniture and Dutch art. This is the home of the Lord Mayor. And this really amazing building will catch your attention. Then the taxi will take you to the Guildhall of the City. You will also see the River Thames and admire the magnificent views. This taxi tour offers you a private tour of Buckingham Palace. You will get immense pleasure from London Heritage Tour.

Titanic Tour (Taxi Tour & River Cruise)

It is one of the most popular London taxi tours. You have probably heard the tragic story about this steamship and its passengers. Now it’s the right time to take a tour. The day starts by driving through London. Your guide will tell you about the River Thames and the secrets it still has. Greenwich will be the first place where you stop. Here you will visit the Maritime Museum. Then you will cross the river in order to see the Titanic exhibition. This is going to be the most enchanting tour you have ever had.

Sinister London Tour

This tour will make a deep impression on you especially at night. It is common knowledge that London has the reputation of the most haunted city in the world. Thus, it will be really interesting for you to take this tour. It will take you back to those distant times when Jack the Ripper lived. You will also see the placed where numerous hangings occurred. You will visit the most haunted house in London and even hear ghostly screams.

Sherlock Holmes Tour

Sherlock Holmes is an extremely popular character. If you’d like to find out more about this great sleuth, you should take a taxi tour. You will visit the place where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once lived. A professional guide will make the tour unforgettable.