четверг, 30 августа 2012 г.

How to Choose a Place for Stay in London

People, who have never visited London before, may find it difficult to choose a good place for stay in the city. That's why we decided to provide travellers with useful hotel selection tips and recommendations. In this online guide for travellers we are going to describe the most important moments to which you should pay attention while trying to find the best hotel in London.

Book apartments in advance

If you decide to book apartments in advance you will certainly increase your chances to find a good hotel for stay. Some travellers begin to search for a hotel and book apartments two weeks before they arrive to London. Thus, they will have enough time to make the right choice. So, when they come to the city they have a place for stay and can enjoy their travel and sightseeing.

What is your travel budget?

Before to start selecting a hotel for stay tourists should know how much money they are ready to spend on their London travel. It should be noted that London is not as expensive as it may seem to be from the very beginning. The city offers a lot of free attractions. There are also a lot of discounted and affordable hotels in London. Before to book apartments in a hotel spend some time to find hotel deals and specials. Hotel discounts help London tourists economize on their travel around the city.

Location of a hotel

Selecting a place for stay London travellers should pay special attention to location of the hotel. For example, if you wish to walk in Hyde Park then choose the best budget hotels near Hyde Park. Try to choose a hotel that is located near London attractions you are going to visit during your travel. Also, keep in mind that the hotels, which are situated in the city centre, provide travellers with easy access to all major attractions of London.

Hotel facilities

As a rule, the list of hotel facilities depends on the price London travellers pay for a stay. However, even the cheapest hotels in London provide tourists with all necessary facilities, which are required for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in the city. A general list of facilities includes the following: television, hairdryer, safe and the Internet. Many London hotels offer their guests a swimming pool, fitness centre and car parking service. So, choose the hotel that meets your requirements in the best way.

Hotel ratings and reviews

Choose the hotel that has established good reputation among London travellers. Fortunately, there are many online resources, which provide London travellers with hotel ratings and honest reviews. Therefore, before to book apartments, go to such websites as TubeHotels.com and read what people say about the hotel that you are going to stay at. Hotel ratings and reviews help tourists make the best decisions!